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Welcome to ChicaBoom Fitness Sarasota!

A space where we can all conquer our fitness goals. We pride ourselves in providing the support and guidance you will need to accomplish anything you set your mind to. Our fitness professionals will help you accomplish your fitness goals, while you get healthier, stronger and feel amazing in the process.

What makes us different?

  • 2022 Best Of SRQ Winner!

  • Our Fitness Studio is a private training facility.

  • Our fitness professionals will design a program that will help you accomplish your fitness dreams.

  • We will hold you accountable and coach you throughout your fitness journey. 

  • We offer 1on1 Personal Training, Small Group Training, Zoom Classes and Online Coaching. 

  • We are a fitness community, from trainers to other ChicaBoom Sarasota members, we all support and encourage each other to do better. 

  • We are very proud of our transformations and would love to help YOU transform your mind and body!

Join our Fit Fam and let’s get ChicaBoomFit together!!



Real Experiences, Stunning Results

This place is freaking amazing! If you have goals and are committed, you will achieve them! Wendy is a Jedi-master!

Shayne Bench

Excellent, pleasant and professional training. Wendy really knows her field better than any trainer I have used in the past. She is very good at adjusting your training based on any physical limitations you may present. You'll see results in your shape, stamina, sleep and healthier appetite. Well worth the investment in your wellness.

Roge Barkin

Thanks to ChicaBoom and my trainer Pamela, I am stronger than I’ve ever been! What I love about training here is you never get used to the workouts. They are constantly challenging us mentally and physically to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones. Pamela always makes sure every exercise is done with perfect form to ensure nobody gets injured. Another thing I’ve loved is the time we put into core strength and targeted exercises to improve our balance. CB has made such a positive impact on our family's lives! My wife trained with Wendy through her entire pregnancy and not only became more fit while pregnant but also had a smooth and wonderful childbirth experience with our first daughter. We couldn’t be happier with our experience at ChicaBoom!

Austin DaSilva




Owner & Certified Personal Trainer.

Cancer Exercise Trainer, Fitness Nutrition & Functional Training Specialist

Founder of ChicaBoom Fitness LLC.

My goal is to help clients discover the power and strength they have within, not only by losing weight but by building strength, shaping the body and gaining healthier habits that can impact daily life. I feel thankful that I can share my passion with all my ChicaBooms by creating not only a fitness brand but a family in which we all support and motivate each other. Let me help you see how amazing you are!

See you soon!



Certified Personal Trainer.

Functional Training, Fitness Nutrition & Senior Fitness Specialist.

My purpose is to help clients reach their fitness goals to continue a happy and pain free life. Fitness changed my life and I want to be able to help my clients change theirs for the better as well! I love to be part of this amazing fitness community at ChicaBoom Fitness, because we truly care about our members and their progress!

Come see us and find out for yourself.



2809 N Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34234, USA

(941) 323-2223



Certified Personal Trainer

Throughout my healthy fit lifestyle I have discovered self love, self motivation and discipline and now I want to share that with others!

I’m excited to share this journey with you!

*Out for Maternity Leave*

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